What Are Some Good Clues for an Adult Scavenger Hunt?

Great clues for adult scavenger hunts can include item names or clever puzzles that describe the target items or their locations. Target items can include either physical items that teams can legally take and bring back or things that they can photograph.

To plan a good scavenger hunt, party planners should determine the boundaries of the hunt area and brainstorm items that are located within the perimeter. Other things to consider include mode of transportation, weather and prizes for winners.

Clues and items can be random or can fit within a specific theme. Interesting themes can include:

  • Holiday, if the hunt takes place on a holiday
  • Local landmarks
  • The outdoors
  • Takeout menus, napkins, shopping bags or coasters

To start the hunt, planners should divide guests into two or more teams, give them the rules and boundaries of the hunt and give them a written list of items.