What Are Some Good Christmas Games to Play With Groups?

good-christmas-games-play-groups Credit: Mike Harrington/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Group Christmas game ideas include Christmas charades, pass the parcel and Christmas relay races. Many traditional party games such as charades or Pictionary are also easy to adapt to fit the Christmas theme.

For Christmas charades or similar games, write Christmas-themed words on slips of paper. Players take turns acting out or drawing pictures so teammates can guess the words.

Pass the parcel requires a small gift wrapped with multiple layers of wrapping paper. Guests pass the present as music plays. The person holding the gift when the music stops unwraps a layer. The person who unwraps the last layer gets the gift.

Christmas-themed relay races require guests to take turns with teammates to carry objects from one end to the other. Examples include carrying spoonfuls of candy to fill a stocking at the other end or balancing an ornament on a spoon while walking the length of the room.