What Are Some Good Cheats for "Saints Row 2" on XBox 360?


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Some cheats for “Saints Row 2” on Xbox 360 include using the in-game cellphone to punch in the number #2274666399 to get $1,000, #11 to get infinite ammo or #36 to never die. Once they enter these cheats, players must navigate to the in-game cheat menu to turn them on. Activating cheats disables the ability to unlock achievements.

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All cheats in “Saints Row 2” on the Xbox 360 require players to use the in-game cellphone to activate cheats. For the game to accept the cheats, players have to start them with the pound sign. Some more examples of cheats include #200 to turn giant, #201 to turn tiny and #1 to get full health.

Players can also use cheats to make specific cars appear. For example, players can make an Atlasbreaker appear using #1042, an ambulance using #1040 or a backhoe using #1045. Despite these cheats only randomly spawning cars, they still prevent players from earning achievements.

If players wish to unlock more “homies” in the game, they have to complete certain requirements because there are no codes for them. For example, if players beat the fight club on Prison Island, they can unlock Troy Bradshaw. In some cases, however, players have to complete certain requirements and use the phone for homies. For instance, to unlock Zombie Carlos, players must first complete all of the Brotherhood Missions and then call 555-5966.

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