What Is a Good Brand of Acoustic Guitar?


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Reliable brands of acoustic guitars include Selmer, Epiphone, Ibanez, Gretsch, Gibson and Martin. Classic, jumbo and dreadnought are three different body styles of acoustic guitars.

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Each brand of acoustic guitar has its own unique sound. Martin guitars, for instance, are usually built in a dreadnought body style, which leans toward an emphasized bass sound. Gibson has several styles of acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars. The classic style creates an overall balanced sound between bass, mids and treble. The jumbo body style is the loudest style, making it a good choice for live concerts.

Tonewoods are another important consideration in the sound of an acoustic guitar. Spruce is standard and creates a clear sound. Cedar has a warmer tone, and mahogany works well for country music. Other tonewoods include maple and rosewood.

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