What Are Some Good Brain Games for Kids?


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Some good brain games for kids include "Snowman Skiing," "Seesaw Logic" and "Ice Cream Madness." These games cover hand-eye coordination, logic and memory skills. These games are available online to play for free.

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In "Snowman Skiing," players practice their hand-eye coordination. As the snowman skis downhill, players must collect pinecones, twigs and carrots to complete the snowman. Players need to navigate in between the trees and avoid hitting them. The player uses the keys on the keyboard to maneuver the snowman.

"Seesaw Logic" allows players to hone their logic skills by selecting the heaviest object. In the early rounds, the choice remains limited and easy to determine. As the player moves through the levels, however, the game becomes progressively more difficult with the addition of items and seesaws.

In "Ice Cream Madness," players practice their memory skills. After taking the ice cream cart from the dog, players must provide the correct ice cream scoops to all the cats. Customers request certain scoops, and the player must fulfill the request in the correct order. If the cone is incorrect, the cat cries, and the game deducts points. Each new level adds an additional scoop of ice cream to the order, adding to the challenge.

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