What Are Some Good Blonde Jokes?


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One good blonde joke is: "Why did the blonde stare at the orange juice container? Because it said 'concentrate.'" Most blonde jokes play on the stereotype of a ditzy blonde, though jokers should be cautious not to offend their friends.

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What Are Some Good Blonde Jokes?
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Another funny blonde joke is to ask a friend with blonde hair, "Do you know how to keep a blonde in suspense?" The answer is, "I will let you know tomorrow." Part of the humor of this joke is that the listener will not immediately realize that she is the subject of the joke.

A longer blonde joke requires the teller to describe three blondes examining a set of tracks and trying to determine what kind of tracks they are. The first thinks they are deer tracks, the second thinks they are elk tracks, and the third thinks they are moose tracks. The punchline is that they are still debating the answer when they are hit by a train. The unexpected play on the word "tracks" provides the dark humor of this joke.

Another blonde jokes involves a blonde and brunette walking along when the brunette comments, "Look at that dead bird." The blonde replies by looking up and asking, "Where?"

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