What Are Some Good Beyblade Metal Fusion Games?


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Some online Beyblade metal fusion games include “Destruction Zyro” and “Metal Mania.” Both of these games are available to play online for free from the official Beyblade website.

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In “Destruction Zyro,” players use the arrows on the computer keyboard to control a spinning metal blade. The goal is to successfully reach the end of the stage before the competitor or before time runs out. To do this, players have to keep the metal blade from falling off the level or being destroyed. Players can collect power-ups on each stage to aid them in their quest, such as an invisibility power-up that makes the blade immune to hazards.

There are 13 stages to play in “Destruction Zyro,” and players have three lives before it's game over. If the players run out of lives, however, they can try again. On each stage, the player faces off against a new challenger.

In “Metal Mania,” players must use the launcher to shoot the Beyblade at other Beyblades on the screen. The goal is to clear all of the Beybaldes before time runs out. There are 26 stages with varying degrees of difficulty. At any point, players may return to the stage select screen to replay stages that they have already completed.

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