What Are Some Good Betting Strategies for Horse Races?


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Looking at the horse's record and the jockey's record are some good betting strategies for horse races. Other strategies include looking at the horse's weight and the trainer's record.

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What Are Some Good Betting Strategies for Horse Races?
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Looking at the record of the horse plays a huge role in a horse racing bet. The person placing a bet should know about the horse's past performance. For example, an individual should know whether the horse has raced in the past and whether it has ever won a race. A horse with a good record and jockey is a safe bet.

The other betting strategy is looking at the jockey's past racing records. Jockeys play an important role in a race, and a good jockey can still win a race when riding a bad horse.

In short races, the weight of a horse plays an important role. It is common belief that lighter horses move faster. Therefore, the person placing the bet should consider that factor.

It is common for the same horse and jockey to work together frequently. It is advisable to look at the trainer's and jockey's past results to know whether they have previously worked together. If the two have worked together in the past, their performance can tell whether they are a good choice. The trainer's recent record is also important.

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