What Are Some Good Beginner Lace Knitting Patterns?


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According to Craftsy, the best beginner lace knitting patterns are the Mistral Lace Scarf, the Isabel Fingerless Gloves and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Arrow Scarflette. These patterns are designed to incorporate other knitting stitches, which keeps the use of the lace stitch to a manageable level.

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The Mistral Lace Scarf is based on a repeating pattern, which is perfect for beginners because it allows for numerous opportunities to practice the stitch. Practicing lace-stitch work using this pattern allows the knitter to quickly see her improvement as she makes the stitch over and over again in the same project. It also allows the knitter to choose what type of material she wants to use, making it incredibly versatile.

For the Isabel Fingerless Gloves, the lace stitch is only required for one section in the center of the gloves. The rest of the gloves are made using a standard stockinette stitch. The gloves are small in size, which means less experienced knitters are able to finish the project quickly and start again for more practice. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted Arrow Scarflette pattern is perfect for beginners because the scarflette is a fraction of the size of a regular scarf. Small projects like this are less intimidating for lace-stitch beginners.

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