What Is a Good Barbarian Name?


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Hannibal, Alaric and Attila are the more well-known barbarian names of leaders of the armies that opposed Rome. The word "barbarian" was coined by the Romans and Greeks to describe anyone not of their culture but eventually it became an insult specific to their enemies.

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Hannibal was one of Rome's earliest and most dangerous enemies. He defeated the Romans in several battles during the Second Punic War and was the first to use catapults in battle. In 410, Alaric the Visigoth sacked Rome. His army looted the city for three days and kidnapped the emperor's sister, who eventually married Alaric's brother. Attila the Hun harassed the Roman empire for 10 years between 441 and 451. His attacks bit off portions of the Roman Empire that it was never able to reclaim.

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