What Is a Good Backgammon Strategy?


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According to About.com, one good backgammon strategy involves quickly trying to move the checkers toward the player's home board. This strategy is known as the running game. If both players use this strategy, the player who gets the best rolls wins the game. This is a popular strategy among backgammon beginners who believe that only high rolls win the game.

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Another strategy is known as the blitz. This involves one player focusing on an all-out attack on the opponent's vulnerable checkers. When using this strategy, the player does not want to focus on simply making a quick run for home. Instead, the player wants to attempt to land on the opponent's checkers at every possible point.

Holding game is a third strategy that involves a player moving his pieces away from his home board and onto his opponent's board while trying to maintain an anchor point. This anchor point not only gives the player a safe place to land in the event that some checkers are sent to the bar; it also helps prevent the opponent from completely priming the player for an automatic defeat. In terms of offense, the anchor point becomes a reasonable threat that the opponent has to worry about when trying to advance checkers.

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