What Are Some Good Art Games for Girls?

What Are Some Good Art Games for Girls?

Fun art games for girls include making headbands, friendship bracelets, jewelry displays and finger knitting. Depending on the age, making candles, candies and paint chip bookmarks are also options.

An easy and fun project for girls of all ages is to make their own doll-shoe soap. To do this, collect random shoes from different dolls that may no longer have matches. Use empty soap dispensers and put the little shoes in the bottle. Be sure not to fill the bottle completely up with shoes as the shoes need room to move around.

Fill the bottle with your favorite hand soap. Clear soaps usually work best. Once the bottle is filled, simply put the cap back on and decorate with a ribbon. Girls can easily personalize the outside of the bottle with markers and paint.

Another fun and inexpensive art project combines stamps, paint samples, markers and ribbon to make colorful and personalized bookmarks. This project can be as simple or as complex as the children want to make it and is easy to do with a group of kids. Free paint sample strips or paint chips can be collected at local hardware stores or retailers.

With a collection on hand, have girls use different stamps to personalize the strip. Once completed, a hole punch on one end allows children to string a ribbon through. To make the bookmark look even more official, corners on the ribbon end can be trimmed to produce a curved shape.