What Are Some Good Aging Jokes for Seniors?


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Some good aging jokes for seniors are a joke by Jerry Seinfeld about why his parents moved to Florida and "A Grave Encounter." The joke "A Grave Encounter" tells the story of a teenager in a cemetery who meets an old man. Another joke for seniors, called "Old Man and His Tomato Garden," tells the story of an old man who wants help from his son to dig up a garden.

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Seinfeld says that his parents moved to Florida when they turned 60. He jokes that his parents didn't want to move to Florida but that the law says that people have to move to Florida when they turn 60 years old.

"A Grave Encounter" tells the story of a teenager who takes a shortcut through a cemetery on his way home late at night. The teenager hears a repetitive thumping noise. He sees an old man. The teenager expresses relief that the man is just an old man and not a ghost. The man replies that he is hitting his tombstone with a chisel because the people who created the tombstone spelled his name wrong.

In "Old Man and His Tomato Garden," an old man writes his son in prison. He tells the son that he wishes he had the son's help digging up the tomato garden. The son writes back that he shouldn't dig up the tomato garden because that's where the dead bodies are buried. Law enforcement arrives the next day and digs up the entire garden, looking for the bodies. The son writes the old man again and tells him he hopes the old man appreciated his help digging up the garden.

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