How Do You Find Gold in "Minecraft"?


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Find gold ore in the PC version of "Minecraft" by digging into the bottom 30 layers of the game world and searching for gray blocks with yellow flecks. Gold is less common than coal or iron, but more common than obsidian or diamonds.

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  1. Make the right tools

    To mine gold, first create an iron or diamond pickaxe. Place three iron ingots or diamond gems along the top row of your crafting table, then put one stick in the center square and another stick in the square below it. Click on the pickaxe to add it to your inventory.

  2. Mine downward

    Hit "F3" to view your coordinates, and use the Z coordinate to determine your distance from the bottom layer of bedrock. The Z-value of the game world's surface is usually 64. Gold appears at or below level 30, so dig downward until you reach this level to begin mining.

  3. Search in a pattern

    Gold typically appears in veins of four to eight blocks, so use a regular mining pattern to find the ore efficiently. Dig branching pathways off your main mining tunnel. Inside each pathway, dig entrances to horizontal tunnels three blocks away from each other along the same rock face, and create similar pathways one level up or down from your starting point. Repeating this pattern, mine straight ahead until you find gold ore.

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