How Do You Find the Going Rate for Autographs?


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The going rate for autographs varies greatly. The popularity of the individual, medium permanence, item size, condition and overall rarity are key. Market forgeries significantly decrease an autograph's potential value.

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How Do You Find the Going Rate for Autographs?
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Autographs on photos, documents and handwritten letters are generally the more valuable than autographs on scrap paper or random objects. Larger photos are more valuable than smaller ones, as are single items with multiple signatures. Proof of authenticity increases the item's value and helps appraise it for resale or insurance. This service costs between $20-$150 per item.

Celebrities who attend major conferences, such as Comic Con in New York and San Diego may decrease the worth of their signature over time as a result of fan accessibility. While some celebrities charge a fee to obtain their autograph, others give it away for free.

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