What Are Some Godzilla Games for Kids?


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Some Godzilla games for kids include “Godzilla Daikaiji Battle Royale” and “Godzilla: The Series – Monster Wars.” Both of these games are available to play online, but “Godzilla: The Series – Monster Wars” was originally a Game Boy Color game.

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“Godzilla Daikaiji Battle Royale” is a fighting game in which players battle monsters from the Godzilla universe. On the menu screen, gamers can choose one of three game modes: Arcade, Battle Mode 1P vs. COM or Battle Mode 1P vs. 2P. There is also an option for players to enter in passwords. If they choose Arcade mode, they get five difficulty settings that range from Unstoppable to Insane. To start with, players only have four monsters to fight with, but they unlock more as they progress in the game.

“Godzilla: The Series – Monster Wars” is based off the animated TV show “Godzilla: The Series,” which only ran for a total of two seasons and had 40 episodes. In this game, players control Godzilla as he attempts to take out monsters that want to cause destruction. Players use the right arrow key to move Godzilla forward. The up and down arrow keys adjust Godzilla's aim, and the left arrow key makes Godzilla block. The space bar makes Godzilla shoot energy, and the S key makes him swing his tail.

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