What Are the God Card Codes for "Yugioh?"


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The three God Cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game are "Slifer the Sky Dragon", "Obelisk the Tormentor", and "The Winged Dragon of Ra." They are considered to be three of the best cards in the trading card game.

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Each God Card has its own unique statistics and abilities.

"Slifer the Sky Dragon" has an attack and defense equal to the number of cards in the user's hand multiplied by 1000. For example, having four cards in your hand results in "Slifer the Sky Dragon" having an attack and defense of 4000. Also, when your opponent summons a monster card, its attack is lowered by 2000 on the turn it was summoned.

"Obelisk the Tormentor" has an attack and defense of 4000. When "Obelisk the Tormentor" is in play, you can sacrifice two monster cards on your side of the field to destroy all monster cards on the opponents side.

"The Winged Dragon of Ra" requires two sacrifices to be summoned. His attack and defense become equal to the two monsters sacrificed. If "The Winged Dragon of Ra" is in play on your side of the field, you can sacrifice any number of life points during your turn, and his attack will be increased by that number.

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