How Do You Glue Together Broken Porcelain?

How Do You Glue Together Broken Porcelain?

A broken porcelain, such as a dinner plate, may be glued together using different types of epoxy, with the cracks and smaller missing pieces filled in with epoxy filler. Certain tools will also be needed for the task and these include a vise, a glue gun, spatula and sandpaper. Other materials that may also come handy are alcohol, paintbrush, paint and gold glaze.

The process of piecing together porcelain such as a dinner plate may take several hour. The following shows one basic method of gluing together a broken porcelain dinner plate.

  1. Gather all the pieces
  2. Gather as many of the broken pieces as possible from the largest to the smallest piece.

  3. Begin piecing together
  4. Pick up the largest piece and then secure it onto a vise with soft clamp. Mix a two-part clear epoxy and then select the next largest piece. Determine where the broken piece will go and then apply epoxy onto the contact area on the porcelain piece that is secured to the vise. Push in the second largest piece onto the first piece and then check for proper alignment with a pintool. Make the glued parts more secure with a glue gun. Repeat with all the large pieces.

  5. Fix cracks and chips
  6. For cracks and small chips, mix an epoxy filler and then use it to fill in the cracks. Mold the filling according to the shape or level of the plate. Sand down the filling and the rest of the glued surface, and then polish. Use paint and gloss to fix painted and glossy areas.