What Are Some Glow Stick Ideas?


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Glow sticks provide a safe and fun toy for kids to play with; however, they also have many creative functions as well. Enhance kid's playtime by adding a glowing element to their regular activities.

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All kids love to play with glow sticks, and there are many different enhancements that can be used with kids. One possibility is during bath time. Once the tub is filled with bubbles, put the glow sticks in the water and turn off the lights. Kids love bubble baths to begin with, and by adding this glowing element it makes it even more special for them. Another option is to have an adult cut open a glow stick after it is activated and pour them into bubbles. Then when kids are blowing bubbles at night, they now glow in the dark. Some other uses for glow sticks can be done around the holidays. After carving pumpkins, instead of using candles, try adding some glow sticks to give color and prevent a fire. Glow sticks can also be used for creative decorations as well. Take empty toilet paper rolls and cut spooky shapes in them to look like eyes. Activate a glow stick and put it inside the roll; then put the glowing roll inside the bushes outside, or in a window. When seen from a distance it looks like glowing eyes are watching people.

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