What Are Some Girl Scout Swap Ideas?

What Are Some Girl Scout Swap Ideas?

There are many different types of Girl Scout swaps, so girls can choose to express themselves through camping swaps, critter swaps, nature swaps, food swaps, girly swaps, summer swaps, patriotic swaps and more. This long-standing Girl Scout tradition is a great way for girls to display their creativity and express their unique qualities.

Camping and hiking swaps are a must for any outdoor scouting adventure. Great camping swap ideas include the Marshmallow on a stick swap, the sleeping bag girl swap and the binoculars swap. These fun bonding activities will be a hit on any camping trip.

Patriotic swaps are great activities to do on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veteran's Day. They include the patriotic charm pin swap, the ribbon flag swap and the shrink art pin swap. Patriotic swaps are a fun way to celebrate the country in style.

Girly swaps are good activities for Girl Scouts who love glitter. Try the heart charm pin swap, the glitter star swap and the feather charm Pin swap.

For the winter holidays, have fun making winter swaps. Holiday themed swaps are perfect indoor crafts for the cold winter season. They include the Christmas elf swap, the winter glove swap, the woodsy wreath swap and the toy soldier swap.

To make a marshmallow on a stick, find a small stick or twig. Push the stick through the top of a mini marshmallow. Write your name, troop number, city and state on a paper tag and glue the marshmallow to the tag. Poke a safety pin through the end of the tag and close the pin.

To make nature pins, cut two 2-inch circles out of clear contact paper. Press a flower or leaf onto the sticky side of one of the circles, then place the other circle carefully on top of it. Trim the edges with scissors and run a safety pin through the top.

For the puzzle piece craft, coat old puzzle pieces with silver and gold paint. Let them dry, then glue two pieces together, overlapping them slightly.

To make a Girl Scouts shine star, start with a wood star from a craft store or cut one out of foam. Paint the star with silver or gold glitter paint. Cut a silver or gold pipe cleaner into three pieces and glue the pieces to the back of the star. Curve the pipe cleaner pieces for a shooting star effect.