What Are Some Free Gin Rummy Games Online?


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Free gin rummy games are offered online from websites such as MindJolt.com and Games.com. Additionally, Apple and Google offer free applications for gin rummy games on mobile devices.

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There are different versions of gin rummy, and each resource provides a slightly different gin rummy game. In the gin rummy game on Games.com, each player gets 10 cards, and the goal is to make melds from three or more cards in a run of same-suit cards or a group of cards with the same face value. When the un-melded cards total less than 10 points, that player can knock on the table, which ends the game. The player who knocks gets points for the un-melded cards in the other players' hands and forfeits points from their own un-melded cards. However, if a player successfully melds all cards in the hand, that player calls "gin" and wins that round without any point deductions.

In the version on MindJolt.com, players compete to collect 100 points in order to win the game. The object is still to arrange sequences of three or more cards. However, this version offers bonuses for discarding all unmatched cards and for collecting a sequence of all of the 11 cards.

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