How Does a Ghost Scanner Work?

Ghost scanners such as Ghost Radar Classic claim to work by measuring electromagnetic fields, sounds and vibrations. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence claiming ghost scanners actually work; they are typically used for fun.

Ghost scanners are readily available, usually for free, on a number of different platforms such as Apple and Android. Users install the program and when run, the app supposedly picks up variations in sounds and electromagnetic fields around the electronic device.

Some ghost scanners claim to have EMF or EVP scanners as well as audio and video analyzers, geo scopes and special cameras designed to reveal supernatural entities. Some popular ghost scanners include Ghost O Meter, Ghost Detector Free and Ghost Hunter M2. Some of these and other scanners claim to read quantum fluctuations, or a temporary change in the amount of energy in a particular space, in an area and each has a variety of readings and sounds.

Professional mediums use more advanced machines to capture EMF or EVP readings, but today, it is easier than ever for novice ghost hunters to download and use ghost scanners.

It is important to note that ghost scanners are meant for entertainment purposes only and users should not take them seriously.