What Are the General Rules of Darts?


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The general rules of darts are that all players must stand at the “throw” line, all darts must meet certain specifications, each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn and players cannot touch the dart board until each turn is over. A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts on any turn. Any dart thrown counts as a throw, even if it bounces out or misses the board completely.

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In the general rules of darts, the “throw” line is 96 inches from the face of the dart board, and players may legally lean over the line and step on the line. All darts must have plastic tips, not exceed 8 inches in total length, be no wider than 3/4 inch and not have more than four wings. Regulation darts must not weigh more than 20 grams. The general rules of darts divide the game into rounds, or the period of time from the end of a player’s turn to the beginning of the next turn.

The general rules of darts apply to the standard dart board. A standard dart board has twenty sectors with labels of the numbers 1 to 20. The outermost ring is the “double” ring and the inner ring is the “triple” ring. While the rules for each type of darts game may change, the double and triple rings generally apply to scoring. There are two smaller circles at the center of the board: the outer bull’s eye and the inner bull’s eye.

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