What Is the General Rate for Moving a Piano?

Depending on factors such as weight, size, and difficulty level, the average cost to move a piano within the same city can range from $125 to $600, as of 2015. If the piano move is long-distance, then the average cost can be between $700 and $2,000, according to the CostHelper website. Distance is another important factor to consider when moving pianos.

Moving a small upright piano a short distance within a city can cost near a lower range of $125 if there are steps involved in its transportation. Larger pianos, which weight more, cost near the upper range of $600. However, the cost of moving a piano can have other influencing factors, such as the man power required to move the piano, number of steps or stairs and the difficulty of maneuvering the item due to tight turns or access problems.

Additionally, moving companies can charge either hourly or flat rates, notes HomeAdvisor. Similarly, if movers need to access a window and use a crane to move the piano, the cost can be between $750 and $2,000, states CostHelper.