What Is Some General Information on Stangl Pottery Identification?


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To identify a piece of Stangl pottery, look for the "Stangl" or "Stangl Pottery" mark on the piece of pottery. If it is a single bird, it has an identifying number and if it is a double bird, it has a number accompanied by the letter "D" for "double."

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Stangl Pottery is known for producing dinner, artware, and bird figurines. Dinnerware sets often include plates, cups, and serving bowls. Some of the Stangl bird figurines include: ducks, warblers, wrens, and hummingbirds.

The pottery is offered in a range of prices. There are pieces that you can purchase for under $10 and others that sell for several thousands. If you want to learn more about specific pieces, there are online sites that list available pieces for sale as well as books that detail how to identify and value Stangl pieces.

Stangl pottery dates back to the early 1900s when Johann Martin Stangl began his pottery career at Fulper Pottery in New Jersey in 1910 where he worked until 1915. He then went on to work for Potteries before returning to Fulper and becoming its president in 1926. In 1929, Mr. Stangl changed the company name to Stangl Pottery. The Stangl Pottery trademark is now owned by Pfaltzgraff Pottery.

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