What Are Some Gameshark Codes for "Pokemon Platinum" for GBA?

Some Gameshark codes for "Pokemon Platinum" on GBA include maximum cash, instantly restored health in battle, receiving 900 copies of each pokeball, wild Pokemon modifiers and quick experience gain. There are several other Game Shark and Action Replay codes that can be used with the DS version of "Pokémon Platinum." There was no official Game Boy Advance release of the game, so there are no GBA codes available.

The maximum cash cheat is 94000130 fcff0000, 62101d40 00000000, b2101d40 00000000, 00000090 000f423f, d2000000 00000000. In addition to entering in the code, players need to press L and R when they want to replenish their cash.

Wild Pokémon modifiers allow players to encounter Pokémon without traveling to specific areas. To encounter a Darkrai, for example, players need to enter in 94000130 FFFB0000, D5000000 000001EB, B2101D40 00000000, C0000000 0000000B, D7000000 000233EC, DC000000 00000006, D2000000 00000000, and then walk into the grass.

Game Shark and Action Replay codes are not the same; however, many of the codes are similar in format. Players can enter in as many codes as they want and activate them during gameplay. Because the Game Shark has a switch, the codes can be turned off while playing. This makes using battle codes and wild Pokémon modifiers easier.