What Are Some of the GameShark Codes for Pokemon Crystal?


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There are many GameShark codes for "Pokémon Crystal" that allow players to dramatically alter the parameters of the game. As with any GameShark device, entering these codes can potentially corrupt save game data and render the game unplayable. Back up game files before attempting to enter these codes.

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To attain infinite HP for the first Pokémon in the party, enter the codes 910301dd, 91e702dd, 910303dd and 91e704dd. Give the second Pokémon infinite HP by entering 910331dd, 91e732dd, 910333dd and 91e734dd. Enter 910361dd, 91e762ddm, 910363dd and 91e764dd to give the third Pokémon infinite health. To obtain infinite health for the fourth Pokémon, enter the codes 910391dd, 91e792dd, 910393dd and 91e794dd. For the fifth Pokémon, enter 9103c1dd, 91e7c2dd, 9103c3dd and 91e7c4dd. Round out the party and give the sixth Pokémon infinite health by entering 9103f1dd, 91e7f2dd, 9103f3dd and 91e7f4dd.

To raise the first Pokémon's level to maximum, enter 9164fedc. Max out the second Pokémon's level by entering 91642edc. For the third Pokémon in the party, enter 91645edc. Enter 91648edc to power up the fourth Pokémon's level to maximum. The code 9164bedc will raise the fifth Pokémon's level. Finally, enter 9164eedc to maximize the sixth Pokémon's level. Certain codes will cause rare items to materialize in the inventory. Enter 91bdF1D0, for example, to obtain a Mirage Mail. Enter 91b2F1D0 to obtain a Rainbow Wing.

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