What Free Games Does TriPeaks Offer?


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TriPeaks is not a service that hosts games. It is a variation of the single-player card game solitaire that is hosted on a variety of different websites, such as the Games section of CNN, the Zone section of MSN and as a mobile application on Google Play and iTunes.

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TriPeaks Solitaire has a different appearance depending on where the game is being hosted, and its spelling varies between Tri Peaks and TriPeaks, but the rules always remain the same. The game starts with three triple-layered peaks of cards that are face down. The first layer of each peak has one card, the second has two and the third has three, totalling to 18 cards across three peaks. A row of 10 open face cards are aligned at the bottom of the peaks horizontally.

The discard pile is placed face down, and the first card is flipped over. Cards match based on sequence rather than suit. If the first card flipped over is a five, the player is only able to take a four or six from the peaks and bottom row to add it to the discard pile. If no cards are available from the peaks and bottom row, the player loses. When enough cards have been placed in the discard pile to leave a face-down card uncovered, it is flipped over. The player must play until all cards are in the discard pile or until he can no longer make a move.

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