What Are Some Games That Have a T. Rex?


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Some games that have a T. rex include “L.A. Rex” and “Rex Tower Defence.” Both of these are free Flash games that are available on arcade websites, such as Addictinggames.com and Dinosaur-games.net.

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In “L.A Rex,” players take control of a T. rex and rampage through the streets of a city. Each day players get a minimum number of people whom they have to eat to complete the day. They can also eat cars and other objects for bonus points. On a keyboard, players use the A and D keys to walk and the W to jump; they use a computer mouse to control the head of the T. rex. When they want to eat something, they have to move the head in the direction of the object and click the left mouse button.

In “Rex Tower Defence,” players have to defend the castle against hoards of dinosaurs. On the first level, there are only flying dinosaurs, but by the second level, other dinosaurs make an appearance, including the T. rex. Players have to aim a bow and arrow using the computer mouse and fire arrows with the left mouse button. The T. rex dinosaurs are the most powerful dinosaurs in “Rex Tower Defence.” Players need to focus on taking out those dinosaurs first. Every time a dinosaur hits the castle, it takes damage. Once the life bar of the castle reaches zero, the game is over.

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