What are some games for special-needs children?


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Family Lives shares several games that engage special-needs children in enjoyable, educational and sensory activities, including substitute sand, dance competition, sensory flour game, matching pairs and the smelly sock game, to name a few. Games for special-needs children center around simple, fun tasks that allow them to discover and learn.

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Substitute sand is Moon Sand made by Spin Master Ltd. It is an effective sensory activity for indoor play. Substitute sand comes in many fun colors and molds like clay. Most toy stores carry it.

Special needs children love to have fun and listen to music. What better way to do that than with a dance party? Dancing also helps develop coordination while exercising and having a blast.

Sensory flour games involve mixing cornflour and water to create a mush in a plastic bag for children to blend with food coloring. This activity involves the senses of sight and touch. It is also a convenient opportunity to teach colors.

The smelly sock game has a funny name, but all it entails is putting different scents on cotton balls, then tying them in socks and having the children guess the scent. It is a goofy game that helps develop their sense of smell and memory.

Another game to try is the matching pairs game. Matching games of any kind build memory connections. If teachers or parents create their own cards, they can make it more relevant to the objects and the daily tasks which the children encounter.

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