What Are Some Games That Are Similar to "God Finger" but Are Not IPhone Apps?

Many games have had similar themes and play mechanics to ngmoco's "GodFinger," and they have appeared on a wide variety of gaming platforms. Some examples include the "Populous" series, the "Black & White" series, "Godus," "Reprisal" and "From Dust."

"GodFinger" is a member of the "god games" genre of video games. These games share the theme of putting the player in the role of a god or a supernatural caretaker who attempts to protect and grow a civilization through the use of his powers.

This genre is generally thought to have begun with "Populous" by Peter Molyneux, who has gone on to create several other god games in his career: "Black & White," "Powermonger" and "Godus." "Black & White" has one sequel, while the "Populous" series has several. All of these games are available on a number of different platforms.

"ActRaiser" is a god game mixed with a side-scrolling action game. In between the side-scrolling levels, players watch over various regions of the world from their floating palace, directing the growth of civilizations while using natural disasters and the intervention of an arrow-wielding angel to protect them from monsters.

"Reprisal" is an homage to "Populous" that plays in a very similar manner. "From Dust" also shares a number of similarities with "Populous" and "GodFinger," as players manipulate the natural environment to protect a developing tribe.