What Games Are Most Played on Game Fudge?


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Some of the most popular games on Game Fudge include モLittle Mosquito,ヤ モTreasure Searchヤ and モCar Eats Car 2,ヤ as of 2015. These games all rank as some of the top choices in the siteメs Most Played Games category.

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モLittle Mosquitoヤ is a unique action game that puts players in the role of a mosquito hungry for blood. Players traverse a variety of levels, from beaches to campsites, attempting to suck blood from unsuspecting victims without being squished. Each level features unique obstacles to avoid, such as bug zappers, BBQ grills and insect-eating bats. Collecting blood and hidden tokens in each level allows the player to upgrade his mosquito's speed, durability and bloodsucking skills.

In モTreasure Search,ヤ players pilot a deep sea submarine combing the ocean floor for treasure. The game combines elements of action and strategy, as the player must avoid sharks and other enemies while simultaneously keeping an eye on his submarine's air supply and energy level. Finding more treasure allows players to buy submarine upgrades, which allow for greater exploration.

モCar Eats Car 2ヤ is a an action and racing game hybrid in which players control a weak young sedan looking to turn itself into a muscle car. Players navigate through side-scrolling levels, collecting power-ups and avoiding obstacles. More power-ups allow players to customize and upgrade their cars.

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