What Are Some Games to Play Outside at Night?


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Daytime games can be adapted for after-dark hours by using flashlights or glow-in-the-dark toys. For example, classic games of tag or hide-and-seek can be turned into a spooky activity by playing in the backyard at night. Looking at constellations, exploring the neighborhood or having a water gun fight are also good ideas for nighttime games.

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What Are Some Games to Play Outside at Night?
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Give a child's imagination a boost by observing the constellations at night. Use a star map to point out well-known formations, or ask kids to find pictures in the sky and come up with their own stories to explain them.

Encourage kids to explore the outdoors and nocturnal habitats with a fun nature expedition. Investigate the yard, the neighborhood or a local park by listening to nighttime animal sounds and using a flashlight to see tiny insects up close. For an interactive group game, make the expedition a scavenger hunt, and give kids a list of outdoor items to find. Tailor the scavenger hunt to your environment, using open-ended clues that challenge kids to recognize shapes, colors and scents.

Cool down on warm nights with a water gun fight. Kids can wear bathing suits and form teams or choose one player to chase the group and tag players with a shot of water.

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