What Are Some Games to Play at Christmas Parties?


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Hosts can encourage guests to play games like Christmas Trivia, Who Am I?, Gift Wrap or UnWrap Relays and the Amazing Holiday Race, as suggested by Party 411 and Beau-coup. These games are useful for adult and children's holiday parties.

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What Are Some Games to Play at Christmas Parties?
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A holiday Christmas party requires more than music and food. Hosts need to entertain their guests with a few of these party games.

Christmas trivia is a popular game. Assemble a list of trivia questions related to Christmas and ask them during a holiday trivia game. Hosts can also write the questions on holiday cutouts scattered around the party. Have guests write down their answers and announce who won at the end of night.

Who Am I? is a fun group game. Make up cards with the names of different holiday characters on them, such as Rudolph or Santa Claus. Pin one of these cards to each guests back or on a hat to wear during the party. Guests have to mingle with each other, asking only Yes/No questions to find out who they are playing that evening. The first person to guess correctly wins.

Gift Wrap Races is a classic Christmas game. One version of this game uses a pre-wrapped gift filled with goodies. The gift is wrapped in many layers of paper and ribbon. Guests sit in a circle passing the gift around, each one removing a layer of wrapping paper. The person to remove the last layer wins the prize. Another version has guests teaming up to see which team can wrap gifts the fastest.

Amazing Holiday Race is great for kids. Run several threads of yarn through the party area. Make it as complex and winding as possible. Kids have to follow each thread to the end where there is a prize tied to the yarn.

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