What Are Some Games on PBS Kids?


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"Halfpipe Hoverball," "Hearts and Crafts," "Bathtime Helper," "Marbleous Marvel Coaster," "Feed the Dingo," "Dress Up Time," "The Cookie Case", "Code Breaker", "Make the Cake," "Clifford's Big Parade" and "Creature Features" are some of the popular games on PBS Kids. The website also has a variety of animal games, science games and other categories of games.

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What Are Some Games on PBS Kids?
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Some of the animal games on the PBS Kids website include "Jungle Rangers," "Chicken Coop," "Rocky Mountain Roundup" and "Animal Match." The "Jungle Rangers" game involves searching for animals in the jungle. In "Chicken Coop," kids enjoy building and tending to a coop that is home to a hundred chicks. With "Rocky Mountain Roundup," kids look for living things on a mountain. The "Animal Match" game is a memory matching challenge that features various animals.

"Build-a-Bot," "Inventor's Workshop," "Star Gazing," "Dino Dash" and "Jungle Jeopardy" are a selection of the science games available from PBS Kids. "Build-a-Bot" gives kids the opportunity to be pretend engineers while building a robot with the help of Curious George. "Inventor's Workshop" combines inventing with an activity course, and "Star Gazing" allows kids to explore the stars and outer space. "Dino Dash" is a racing game with various types of dinosaur characters. With Jungle Jeopardy, kids work on creating an ecosystem in the rainforest.

"Make the Cake" is a Peg & Cat game where Peg is making a cake for her friends. Her cat is nearby causing a mess while she bakes the birthday cake.

In "Clifford's Big Parade," the player helps Clifford and his friends make a float for the upcoming parade. The player chooses different items for placement on the float and helps customize it.

"Creature Features" is a Sci Girls game that follows Izzie as she finds animals in the park and photographs them for her book.

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