What Are Some Games Like Mabinogi?


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Games similar to "Mabinogi" include "Wildstar," "Vindictus" and "Wartune," among others. Like "Mabinogi," most of these games are MMORPGs that feature fantasy or science fiction settings, offering large worlds in which players can explore, complete quests and obtain items. Many of the games are also free.

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"Wildstar" combines fantasy and science fiction to form a unique game world. Players explore Nexus, a planet on which an advanced and mysterious race known as the Eldan have disappeared, leaving behind a world filled with powerful technology. "Wildstar" is available to play for a subscription fee or by purchasing monthly passes within the game itself.

"Vindictus" is another MMORPG developed by devCAT, the creators of "Mabinogi." Although released years after "Mabinogi," "Vindictus" serves as a prequel, taking place during a period of wartime hundreds of years before the events of the first game. Like "Mabinogi," the game is free to play, though players can purchase in-game items.

"Wartune" is an online RPG that is completely free to play. The game is played from within an Internet browser, meaning no download is required, and the game can be played on nearly any computer. "Wartune" features turn-based combat and a traditional fantasy setting, and the game's simple mechanics and ease of play have made it popular with many players.

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