What Are Some Games That Let You Create Your Own Dragons?


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Some games that let players create their own dragons include "Create Your Own Dragon Game," "How to Raise a Dragon" and "Create a Dragon." These games are online games and offer many options.

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In "Create Your Own Dragon Game," players get the body of a dragon and get to select the details, including eyes, wings, tails, horns and other items. Some of the items are animated, such as eyes that open and close and wings that move up and down. Players drag and drop the desired items on to the dragon body.

"How to Raise a Dragon" allow players to raise a dragon from a tiny egg. Players can change the color of their baby dragon by choosing the color of food it eats. Players help the dragon move through the forest and into a teenager and adulthood. Players help the dragon escape the wizard and other obstacles.

Players start with a dragon body and decide on the details of their dragon in "Create a Dragon." Players start with eyes and eyebrows and make their way through the options, including frill as part of the final selections. Players click on items and color to see it on their dragon. To try on a different color or style, the players just click on the new one.

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