What Are Some Games for Learning Fractions?

As of 2015, games for learning fractions include Learning Resources' Pizza Fractions Fun, Educational Insights' Fraction Matchin' Game, Trend's Fractions, Decimals & Percents Bingo, and Edupress' Food Fight Fractions, Percents & Decimals Game. Each game is intended for elementary-school children and requires more than one player.

Pizza Fractions Fun is a game that requires children to identify fractions, match fraction equivalents, and add and subtract fractions. The game includes 13 segmented cardboard pizzas and three double-sided spinners that allow two to six child players to play the game in seven different ways. The reverse side of each pizza segment identifies the particular fraction it represents. The game helps children visually understand the relationship between parts and the whole.

The Fraction Matchin' Game requires two to six child players, ages 8 and up. Players use plastic fraction pieces to add, compare and reduce fractions. They must build equivalent fractions to earn points and win the game. The game includes a self-checking game board.

Trend's Fractions, Decimals & Percents Bingo is a game that requires children to convert fractions, decimals and percents mentally. Children can play the game eight different ways. The game includes a caller's mat, 36 different two-sided playing cards and bingo chips.

The Food Fight Fractions, Percents & Decimals Game requires three or five players, ages 8 and up. Players must convert fractions, percents and decimals to identify the card in each round of the game that does not have a match.