What Are Some Games Kids Can Play With LEGOs?


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A few games for kids that use Legos include Lego relay races, Lego team sculpture building and the Lego tower game. Kids may also enjoy playing a Lego scavenger hunt.

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What Are Some Games Kids Can Play With LEGOs?
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The Lego relay race begins with someone placing two buckets filled with Legos near each other and two more buckets some distance away. Children divided into two teams scoop the Legos with a small cup and carry the Legos to the other bucket as fast as possible. The children from each team should go one at a time, and the team that empties its bucket first wins.

For Lego sculpture building, the children sit in the circle and one child connects a few Legos together to create the base of a sculpture. The children pass the sculpture around the circle, and each child adds a few Lego pieces. When each child has had a turn, the sculpture is finished.

For the Lego tower game, the children sit in a circle, and one child lays the first Lego piece. Going around the circle, each child adds a piece until the tower falls and crashes. The last player to add a piece is out.

For the Lego scavenger hunt, someone hides Lego pieces around the house and yard and assigns values to each color. Children collect the pieces and win prizes based on accumulated points.

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