What Are Some Games Involving Parking Cars?


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Some online Flash games that involve parking cars include “Park My Limo” and “Valet Parking L.A.” Available on sites such as Freegames.net and Mydrivinggames.com, these games require players to use the arrow keys on their computer keyboard to control the game.

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What Are Some Games Involving Parking Cars?
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In “Park My Limo,” players have to park a limo on eight different stages. Each stage gets increasingly difficult, with more objects to avoid in the parking lot. At the end of each stage, players get a score and a star ranking. The best star ranking that players can achieve on any stage is three. The score falls every time a player runs into another car or wall.

Some stages in “Park My Limo” require players to park more than one limo within a certain time limit. Just like when players park one limo, they are given a score depending on how many objects they hit.

“Valet Parking L.A” was made by the same developer as “Park My Limo." In this game, there are only seven stages, and players park a variety of cars, not just limos. There is a time limit on each stage, and players have to park in a specific parking spot. The quicker that players park a car without hitting any objects, the more points that they earn and the higher star ranking that they achieve.

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