What Are Some Games That Involve Shooting Dinosaurs?


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Games that involve shooting dinosaurs include “Dinosaur Killer,” “Jurassic Island” and “Generator Rex Battle Dinosaurs.” “Jurassic Escape” is another game that requires players to shoot dinosaurs.

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Players defend their lives against attacks by killing dinosaurs in the 3D “Dinosaur Killer” game. They use the arrow and spacebar keys to move, shoot and reload. In “Jurassic Island,” players fight for their lives after a plane crashes on an island full of dinosaurs. Players use the number and letter keys to move and reload weapons and the mouse to shoot the animals.

“Generator Rex Battle Dinosaurs” requires players to accomplish goals set for each stage which include shooting dinosaurs to advance to the next level. “Jurassic Escape” requires players to attack hostile dinosaurs while escaping the park on a vehicle. They score points after shooting down the dinosaurs.

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