What Are Some Games That Involve Killing Zombies?


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"Left 4 Dead," "Cold Fear" and "Dead Rising" are a few computer games that involve killing zombies, as of 2015. "DayZ" is another popular game in which players must fight off undead characters to stay alive.

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"Left 4 Dead" is a first-person shooter game for PC in which players can venture together with up to three friends to get through crowds of zombies to a safe house. Players can use a variety of weapons to kill the zombies, and different game modes as well as difficulty levels provide a variety of game play options. "Cold Fear" is a survival shooter game available for Xbox, PS2 and PC. The plot-based game provides five to six hours of game play, involving fights against zombie-like beings and Russian soldiers.

"Dead Rising" for Xbox 360 begins with the player's character Frank West trapped in a shopping mall surrounded by zombies, and he must rescue survivors while defending against hordes of the undead. This shooter game lets the player use nearly anything as a weapon against the zombies. In the PC survivor game "DayZ," players begin armed with only a torch and must scavenge for supplies while avoiding zombie attacks. Players must fight against other survivors as well as the infected in this adventure-based game.

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