What Are Some Games to Improve Your Memory?


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Some games to improve a person's memory include "Memory 5," "Memory Zoobies" and "Who Has the Biggest Memory?" As of 2015, each of these games are free to play online.

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In "Memory 5,"players have 10 levels to complete. The game starts with four boxes and the player sees a bomb, two magic beans and a treasure chest. The boxes turn over, and the players must match the two items, choose the treasure chest and avoid the bomb. As the game progresses, there are more boxes and more items to match. The higher levels have multiple bombs to avoid while matching the like symbols.

"Memory Zoobies" helps players improve their memories by flipping over cards to create matching sets. The pictures are all different types of animals, including pandas, owls, fox and ducks. Each new level of the game increases the number of cards and matches so that players must remember where more and more items are to win and move on to the next round.

"Who Has the Biggest Memory?" provides players the chance to remember numbers in a particular order. The game starts with just three numbers. The player gets about 30 seconds to memorize the number before other numbers start flashing on the screen. After a few moments, a number pad appears on the bottom and players must type in the original number combination. More numbers are added as the player completes levels.

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