What Are Some Games for Housewarming Parties?

Games to play at a housewarming party include a scavenger hunt, memory tour, design-a-room activity, location trivia and an identification game. Typical icebreaker games are also appropriate, such as Two Truths and a Lie and Truth or Dare.

To conduct a scavenger hunt, the host identifies objects in the house and writes clues about each item on a card. The guests form teams to find the items, and the first team to find them all wins a prize. Hosts can arrange a memory tour by giving the first guest a tour of the house, commenting on each room and its furnishings or purpose. When the next guests arrive, the first guest takes them on the tour, trying to repeat the same information. Each guest leads a tour, and the last guest relates the commentary to the entire group. The hosts and guests then compare their experiences and what they learned on the tour.

If the hosts are looking for decorating ideas, they can provide each guest with cork boards or paper and a stack of design magazines and ask them to create collages showcasing their ideas. To play a trivia game, the host can collect facts about the city, town and neighborhood where the house is located and write the questions and answers on opposite sides of a note card. In an identification game, hosts pin the name of a famous person on the back of each guest. As guests mingle, they ask each other questions to find out the names of their celebrities.