What Are Some Games on the FunBrain Playground?


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"When Pigs Fly," "Desert Dive" and "Log Run" are a few of the fun games available to play on the FunBrain Playground. These games are available to play for free; the player doesn't need to create an account, but he can create an account if he would like to.

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In "When Pigs Fly," the player helps a pig with wings and a spring on its tail bounce from cloud to cloud eating the food it finds on the way. The player needs to keep moving upwards because the clouds disappear almost as soon as the pig bounces on them. The game ends when the pig does not make it onto the next cloud.

In "Desert Dive," Blue wants to use the seesaw to launch his friends into a swimming pool. The player picks Blue up and drops him back on to the seesaw to launch the friend. If the player lifts Blue too high, the friend sails past the swimming pool and lands on the other side. The player must determine how high to lift Blue to land three of his friends in the pool.

While running on logs in "Log Run," the player must duck down to avoid bees and jump up over the rocks. To win the game, the player must duck and avoid three bees and jump over three rocks.

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