What Are Some Free Games to Exercise Your Mind?


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The AARP website offers several different types of educational games that revolve around colors and shapes, memorization of sounds or words, categorization and spatial awareness. Each game tabulates the scores at the end, giving you a score and showing you the median score for both accuracy and speed of response.

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This game system is borrowed from the Happy Neuron website, which provides a more in-depth retention of information to help develop mental exercise regimens. There are a larger variety of games, as well as training sessions that allow for focus on specific types of games and set periods of time. The Happy Neuron site has a free trial period of seven days, after which continued usage requires a monthly fee.

Other free games that can benefit and stimulate the mind are sites such as lichess.org, and GeoGuessr. Chess provides a game system that encourages the anticipation of outcomes and developing strategy, and can hone critical thinking skills. Lichess provides a safe community of novices and experts to play against, in both real time matches and through correspondence, with several different styles of game play to choose from. Players can play anonymously, or sign up for an account and track their wins and losses, as well as provide training scenarios to help develop better chess skills and recognize optimal choices.

GeoGuessr is a geography-based game that uses images taken via satellite and Google Maps vehicles. The game involves making an educated guess as to where the images are taken from, using deductive reasoning to find clues. Higher scores are given based on the accuracy of a player's guess. Players can choose to narrow the geometry down to specific continents, as well as choosing between urban areas and countryside locations for different levels of difficulty.

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