What Games Do Children Play Outside?


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Outdoor games that children play include capture the flag; duck, duck, goose; hide and seek; hopscotch; hot potato; jump rope; kick the can; Marco Polo; red light, green light; red rover; Simon says; tag; freeze tag; and tug-o-war. These games can range widely in activity level and number of players.

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What Games Do Children Play Outside?
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At the physical end of the range of outdoor games are chasing games, such as hide and seek, tag, freeze tag, Marco Polo and kick the can. More sedate games include duck, duck, goose; hopscotch; hot potato; and hand clap games.

Hand clap rhymes, such as "Miss Susie" or "Eenie Meenie Sassaleeny," usually involve only two people at a time, while jump rope accommodates small groups of three or more. Some games that involve playground equipment are basketball and tether ball, while hopscotch and four square require painted layouts on pavement.

Kickball is a variation on baseball that makes it easier for a broad range of ages to play together, but generally requires at least eight people. Other team sports that are flexible and fun for quick pick-up games are soccer and football. Games that accommodate a small to large number of players include capture the flag; duck, duck, goose; hot potato; kick the can; red light green light; Simon says; and tug-o-war.

The best part of children's outdoor games is spontaneity. With little to no planning, children will start, end and change games to suit the players and their interests.

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