What Are Some Games Children Can Play While in the Hospital?


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Games children can play while in the hospital include peek-a-boo, board games, puzzles, hand-held video games and checkers. Some children also play computer games, chess and puzzle books in the hospital. The types of games children play depend on children's ages and abilities.

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What Are Some Games Children Can Play While in the Hospital?
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Infants usually prefer to play with rattles and familiar toys in a hospital. Use mirrors and brightly-colored objects to keep infants occupied. Singing lullabies and playing peek-a-boo keeps parents and infants engaged.

Throw or roll a ball back and forth for toddlers and older infants. Toddlers may also like to spend time drawing while they are in a hospital.

Prevent boredom in a hospital by bringing a child's favorite toys and games from home. To keep more than one person occupied at once, bring along multi-player board games, such as checkers, chess or backgammon. Bring a deck of playing cards to play a variety of games.

Ask the hospital staff if they have a play area for children on the campus. Let children play games with others in the play area, or request a few toys to take back to the child's hospital room.

Children play games to understand the world around them, and to socialize with others. Playing familiar games in a hospital makes children feel more at ease with their surroundings. Children who are going through medical treatments usually feel less worried about their illnesses when they play.

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