What Are Some Games That Can Teach You to Type?


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Among several choices of educational typing games for computers available for purchase or for free are "Typing of the Dead" and "Typing of the Dead: Overkill." Free typing games available online include "Z-Type" and numerous Flash games on TypingTest.com and other similar sites as of 2015.

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Typing games require the player to rapidly enter a series of random letters or words in rapid succession to reinforce touch-typing muscle memory and familiarize the player with typing words quickly and accurately to improve typing speed. Complexity, length and required speed of entry increase with progress or difficulty levels, focusing on increasing typing proficiency continually even as the player improves. Some typing games record the words-per-minute typing speed of the player as part of his score to show improvement and a metric that directly relates to real-world applications of typing skills.

Typing games generally are considered part of a sub-genre of video and conventional games called "Edutainment," a portmanteau of "education" and "entertainment." The primary purpose of these games is to improve the proficiency of the player in specific areas of practical or academic skills while encouraging extensive and consistent practice by making the educational aspect of the game integral to its mechanics.

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