What Are Some Games That Can Be Played at a Pajama Party?


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Aside from board games, kids can play a sleepover ball game and "Blair Witch hide and seek." Girls may also prefer games that include a "foil makeover" and "nail polish spin the bottle."

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The ball game involves writing questions on each section of a blown up beach ball, and then the kids toss it to each other. They must answer the question they see when they catch it. For "Blair Witch hide and seek," all the lights are turned off and one person hides with a cell phone. Every so often, the person hiding must call a cell phone with the others to give clues on where he or she is hiding. The foil makeover involves making the best dress from tin foil. "Nail polish spin the bottle" works like regular spin the bottle, except the girls have 10-12 colors and paint one nail each as the bottle cap lands on them.

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